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How Property Technology Can Help You Promote Your Properties

Property technology has continued to gain traction even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. But what is property technology and how can you use it to promote your properties?

When we mention property technology, we refer to technology that can be used in the real estate sector, specifically, commercial real estate. This article discusses how drone footage, smart technology, and virtual reality can improve your listings to gain more investors.

These three technologies are already being used in residential real estate, so read on to learn about how you can use them in your commercial real estate business.

Drone Footage

Using high-quality photos and videos to promote your properties will attract buyers more so than if you use low quality images. Plus, with drone video, you are able to capture an entire area. For example, if you are showcasing a property that is close to the highway or downtown or other amenities that will attract investors, drone footage allows you to film everything that surrounds the property.

Smart Technology

Equipping your properties with smart technology can increase their appeal to investors. Investors know that tenants want high-tech appliances and amenities in the buildings they live in. The more technology you can incorporate, the better.

You can use smart technology in appliances, lighting, etc. All of these will increase the value of the property and attract an array of tenants who are looking for smart technology in their living spaces.

Virtual Reality

It is so important to give your investors the opportunity to see your property even if they cannot physically visit them. Creating this option for your investors gives you a larger audience to promote your listings to. As we continue to navigate the business landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic, alternative options to in-person showings are a must.

By creating a virtual reality for each of your listings, you are giving investors a chance to look at the full scope of your property without them being physically present.

These are just three ways that property technology can enhance your commercial real estate listings. You should consider using property technology to promote your listings because they will attract both high-quality investors and tenants.

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